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So the weaponized RC coupe is officially official. The Lexus party line is that the RC-F has the M4 in its sightline, but can Lexus aim well?

Initial RC-F figures:
5.0L V8
450-480 HP
380-400 lb-ft Toque
3970 LBS
7300 RPM redline
Automatic Transmission only (No DCT)
Tires: Michelin Pilot Super Sports sized 255/35 in front, 275/35 in back.

BMW downsized the M4/M3 engine from a 4.0L V-8 to their tried and true flat 6 TT which makes an impressive 431 hp and 406-lb-fts. Lexus pulled a first for performance cars and imported technology from the Prius. The RC-F's 5.0 V8 will run on an Atkinson cycle and an Otto cycle. During low-power cruising the 5.0 will swap into an Atkinson cycle allowing the engine to operate as a 4.2L by leaving the intake vales open for part of the compression stroke.

Performance specs on the RC-F are nascent to this point, mainstream publications are quoting 450-480 horsepower and 380-400 lb-fts of twist. However the real king of the comparison will be P/W ratio.

Whats still unknown about the RC-F are two KEY factors:

First we don't know much about the Lexus' gearbox, going by the IS-F it looks like an 8 speed conventional automatic. Thats a travesty in my opinion if true, how can you say the RC-F is going M hunting and then show up with a conventional auto :eek: Its like sticking your finger in a socket because you're tired...

The second factor is price. the RC-F does not have an official price line but already the internet is furiously speculating about a six figure price tag, although that could just be sour BMW boys. Regardless that is all we have for the moment is a bunch of outraged BMW fanboys so we'll work with it. How does Lexus expect to be even remotely competitive sales wise when they may very well price themselves out of the market?


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Lexus showing up to a fight with the M4 armed with a deadly torque converter


BMW M4 on the left Lexus RC-F on the right

Lexus after one swift kick from BMW to the nads

Classic example of showing up to a gun fight with a stick. Common Lexus
it's 2014.

I swear torque converters were invented in the 1920s

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I just dont know where lexus was going to get a DCT from... Even an MT im pretty sure the only toyota with 3 pedals is a base corolla...
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