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TFL took the time to review the RC F-Sport, and ultimately gave it a rating of "Buy It", which is the best rating that the web-based publication gives out. Here's the summary and below I have put in a link to the full reivew, which is of a good size.

SUMMARY: The 2016 Lexus RC 350, 350 F Sport and RC F are all stunningly gorgeous to look at, and all are exhilarating to drive, but the RC F takes first prize trophy on the street or on the track. Yes, there are other great looking cars in this market category and price range, but we’re not making a comparison here with other vehicles folks, just providing the facts.

The V6 powered RCs are more than adequate performers and are certainly more affordable, but the V8 RC F is the most stimulating to drive in a controlled track environment. All are impressive in either the automatic or manual mode, but the exhaust note of the RC F’s V8 is stimulating to say the least, and the automatic throttle blipping is totally worth its weight in gold.

The RC F’s transmission provides a newly expanded version of the SPORT mode with four settings: Normal mode for regular VDIM control; VDIM SPORT mode to give priority to driver control; a new EXPERT mode, which only intervenes to prevent a spin with VDIM off, and finally, an OFF setting, with no control by the VDIM system.

Safety, connectivity and entertainment features abound as well, with all the usual fare – Mark Levinson, Enform, etc. We didn’t spend a lot of time with the nuts and bolts of these areas though, because we were actually focused more on the joy of driving these latest gems from Lexus.
Lexus RC 350 F-Sport
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