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Lexus RC F Shooting Brake rendered

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I hadn't really thought of the Lexus RC F as a shooting brake model, but now with this render from X-Tomi Design I am really getting on board. Especially considering the rise of CUV type vehicles, I think the Lexus RC F Shooting Brake looks great.

Unfortunately, it seems like this vehicle will remain in the digital realm. It could battle well against the Porsche Panamera though. The Panamera costs $78,000 and would provide 150 hp less than the Lexus RC F Shooting Brake. The Lexus RC F Shooting Brake would cost $62,000. Sounds like a deal to me.
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that looks amazing, they need to make this happen, even if it's just some one off model for the heck of it that lexus usa takes to shows and even meets like the cars and coffee meets.
that in no way shape or form has the potential to fight panamera LOL, its missing 2 doors and about 2 feet in length...
LOL true, no way of that happening with this.
They would need a vehicle with proportions that are in line with it along with performance and tech to keep it at the least right behind the panamera.
Not bad of a render I fancy wagons but does lexus need a gap filler like this one. It will be just a limited production vehicle that won't sell in huge numbers. Down the road it will be one of those rare cars.

.. before we jump to conclusions I just don't think this will happen.
I rather not see it happen and it won't that's a fact.
But the chance of them doing or influencing some one off model whether it be this or not is a possibility.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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