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Lexus RC-F May Get Dual Clutch Gearbox

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Would the Lexus RC F and IS F models benefit from a dual-clutch gearbox?

The IS F has admittedly not caught onto the high-performance luxury segment as well as the Japanese automaker would like. What Lexus was hoping would be a competitor to the BMW M3 has simply become an anomaly in the lineup, not even receiving the same styling and design updates as the standard IS sedan. But now, with the RC F revealed and heading to dealerships before the end of the year, the need of a dual-clutch gearbox is becoming more prevalent.
Which is why Toyota Motorsport GmbH has been tasked with the job of developing what its calling a manual-shift gearbox, which is likely a dual-clutch transmission. In a recent interview, TMG business operations director Rob Leupen shared the news of the gearbox’s development but also noted that development of hybrid technology for the next-generation IS F is also in the works in combination with the new dual-clutch gearbox. According to Leupen, the next-generation IS F is two or three years away.
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If I was buying an RCF i'd wait for the DCT to become available, I just hope they do make it available from launch and don't have us wait.
any way to cut weight helps, at least this also cuts weight.
it all add's up, they should list what they have done to cut weight and how it factors into performance, it may be too much info for some but i think some hardcore enthusiasts wouldn't mind seeing that.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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