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Lexus Named 2014 Most Trusted Luxury Brand by Kelley Blue Book

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Lexus has only been around for 25 years, but in that short time Lexus has caught up to other brands, and even surpassed them in certain areas. Here is one of those areas that Lexus is beating out all its rivals.

Kelley Blue Book picked Lexus (again) as the top brand in its 2014 Brand Image Awards. Lexus' ES sedan, RX crossover, IS sedan and LX 570 SUV helped to propel Lexus into the top spot.

The Brand Image Awards survey recognize automakers' outstanding achievements in creating and maintaining brand attributes which manage to win new-vehicle buyers. The 2014 Brand Image Awards are based on consumer automotive perception data from Kelley Blue Book Market Intelligence's Brand Luxury Watch study. Brand Watch is an online brand and model perception tracking study surveying over 12,000 new-vehicle customers annually on Kelley's website.

On top of this award, KBB also named Lexus the brand with the lowest projected ownership costs during the first five years of ownership.

Most trusted and lowest cost of ownership? Sounds like a good deal to me.
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congrats to lexus

they have reliable cars. and they are upfront and open about things

the german brands seem to be a bit sneakier. even at the dealerships

i've always been happy with lexus dealerships regardless of which one it is.
Good to hear this but I wonder how long they can keep this up for and if there could be a brand that can surpass them.
From what I remember, Lexus has been consistently doing well in this study. Rarely do i hear about a recall, or defect or bad story about Lexus. I think that out of all car makers I do trust Lexus most. I like Mazda too, but the whole spiders in your car thing is a pretty big turn off.

I would think that Volvo would have to be pretty high up the list too.
That is true, can't recall the last time I heard about recalls from them, and if there were any it wasn't major.
I do find it a little curious that Toyota doesn't have the same reputation for quality that Lexus has. You'd think whatever culture and care that goes into Lexus would have the same effect on Toyota.
Toyota used to be extra special like lexus but then they wanted to be the largest automaker so that all went to ell...
Toyota used to be extra special like lexus but then they wanted to be the largest automaker so that all went to ell...
RIP Supra, RIP MR2, RIP Cool Celica's, RIP AE86.....yup.

At least NOW they're bringing back those good old late 80's - 90's
What exactly does "Trusted" mean? What is the criteria? Are they just using a fancy way of describing reliability?
Likely a fancy way of describing reliability, don't see much more things would factor into it.
yea i would assume reliability is a huge part of it
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