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It may not be selling as much as its German rivals, but Lexus still has plenty to be proud of. The Japanese luxury brand expects to set a new global sales record this year.

Mark Templin spoke at a lead up event to the Tokyo Motor Show and told the crowd that Lexus would finish 2013 "on the north side of 520,000" units. That would be slightly more than the current sales record for Lexus which was set in 2007 at 528,300 units.

Lexus also expects sales to continue to grow in 2014 and beyond as the brand adds new models like the RC and a compact crossover based on the LF-NX concept. Another reason why Lexus expects its sales to continue growing is the continued rebound of the US auto market. Lexus expects to sell about 270,000 units in the US this year, which is down from a high of 329,177 in 2007.
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