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Lexus Hoverboard to Debut August 5th

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Not sure if you guys have heard, but Lexus is coming out with a hoverboard. Yes, a real life hoverboard.

The creation comes form the minds of Lexus and a few very talented scientists. As for the technology behind it, it’s a complex system of nitrogen-cooled superconductors that keep the wheel-less skateboard just inches off the ground. It has the capability to carry a rider, likely on a pre-disposed surface, and took about 18 months of development to be completed.
Lexus says that the hoverboard will be revealed on August 5th, and I am very excited to see just how real this real life hoverboard will be. Stay tuned...

On August 5th, Lexus Will Show Off Its New Hoverboard
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So here's the big reveal. A real, working hoverboard, just what I always wanted.

So the one catch is that the "hoverpark" was created by Lexus specifically for its hoverboard. This is because the hoverboard must ride on a specially designed magentic surface. It also looks pretty difficult to ride because there is no friction usually, and when there is, it's because the hoverboard just happens to scrape on the ground a bit which I'm sure would be easy to trip you up while riding.

Say what you will, but the video is really cool.

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I bet that opening in the loop is where all energy is lost, any bigger and the better the chance there would be no luck in making it to the other end, still cool to see this come together.
It would have been a lot of fun to be the pro skaters that got to ride the board in this video because it does seem like not many people are really going to get to actually test it out.
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