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Lexus has released a video that explains why people should choose the Lexus RC 350 over the BMW 435i.

It's pretty clear that the video is biased since the RC wins in every category, even subjective ones like styling and interior design. One of the best arguments for the RC 350 is its value. At a price of $43,000 the RC 350 is a bargain compared to the $53,500 price tag of the 435i.

Do you agree with the arguments that Lexus puts forward here? Is this pure marketing, or is there some truth to it?

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It is a pretty direct attack on BMW. I think its fun to see the companies cast a few stones at each other though. Anyone remember these Jaguar ads.
I dont consider it an attack at all. LExus is merely highlighting their advantages over a rival. They NEVER bash the 4 series, they simply say the 4 series has this, but the RC has this. Its proprietary marketing, there are more then a few categories the 4 series wins outright, naturally those were not mentioned...
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