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just covered 1,500 miles on my rc 350 f sport

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the car had 4,800 miles when i went on this trip to my place in conn.

left florida for conn.on a sturday .
left late so first stop was savanah . in the morning ( sunday )woke up to a nail in rear tire .

went to goodyear dealer who told me i had to wait my turn and would take 3 days to do it . went to walmart nearby and they did not have the proper equipment for a 35 tire. they did install the donut for me. then went on I95 to find a place to do it and headed to charleston . two dealers said i had to wait my turn .finally found a firestone dealer who said the same but only 2 cars ahead of me and done in 2 hours ...all day wasted on this .spent night in nc /va border . next day made it home .
found a lexus dealer but it was a waste of time .it was a sunday and of course they are not open whereas the tire stores and all else including ford are open .

traffic on I26 was fast and heavy due to the demonstration to take effect that evening in charleston ...cras were almost running me over (same on I95 from savanah to I26) as i did not exceed 60 mph with the donut .
got some nice people flipping me th efinger ...they were doing 80 mph plus ...worse the pick up trucks .......

(i prefer harley davidson dealers who if you are on a road trip and need help they will drop everything and take care of you to get you going fast ....once the mechanic stayed working on my bike until 8 pm and got me going again ( i did get there at 6 pm) and he stayed for me .)

i got 27.1 mpg overall with ,at times, 25.6 mpg ....but then again,going sort of fast .

cars / traffic moving / traveling at 80 to 85 with every now and then one at 90 mph....sorry officer the cars /traffic kept pushing me .........
RC feels great at extremely hi speeds .but the steering is just too light good in any mode .

used eco mode for soft ride until i got to the merrit pkway in conn.

. ECO does reduce the impact of bad roads but does nothing for better fuel economy and range .

in ct when i went to sport+ it felt o good but not great like a 911 or vette ...but these have run flat tires and i would still be in savanah waiting for a new tire .
i learned that lexus dealers do not fix tire punctures...they sell you a new tire ......
also. THE SEAT ON THIS CAR IS THE WORSE SEAT I EVER HAD is soft and after 6 hours or less you get numb butt or worse as the pressure gets you all over ....after a long ride it feels like you had been on a hard bicycle seat
it is not a car for long trips 1955 550 porsche spyder is more comfortable and i have done this trip3 times on it.

in september i am doing the trip but this time via the " dragon's tail" at deals gap ,311 curves in 13 miles ..( google it )...but on the new kawasaki versy 1000 to see how it does there .

summary......sorry i got this car...very nice and very unique ,but too soft for me and too mixed up and poor in its gps and radio interface ..the entertainment system and gps are poorly designed ..the nissan or audi are much better.......the japanese have still much to learn from the germans and the italians in terms of seats ,handling but recently the mb and bmw's are also going soft and confused computer systems .

will take car to wedding in maine (near bar harbor ) in a week and then back roads to vermont form bar harbor . today will drive back roads in conencticut .and see what it does in up and down curves,ect...many chicanes here ........
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Thanks for the review. Continue to keep us posted on the future trips. I have nothing to compare it to. Have had an LS 430 for almost 10 years. So for me it is pure fun all the way. But keep us posted we love to hear different points of view. By the way, the tire puncture is no way to start any trip off!!!
i am thinking that maybe the new special edition ls460 sport may be interesting ???it is still a dog ,but maybe good on my 4 trips per year between ct and fla. ...who knows ?

also, the passanger seat on the RC is just as bad or worse because the glove box area drops all the way down to the floor and you cannot stretch your legs all the wife complain.

and just back from 100 miles in back roads of ct. and major storm on way back. ( car was good during high winds and poor visibility )..................steering just too light ...suspension is good ,better than any other japanese car., but not up there with the germans ....but i think ,very good overall.

but handling at speed on tiny back roads.................well, in my opinion ,this car is just too heavy for what it is supposed to be and is just not there ,at all.
but i think that for normal driving ,or driving slow , and for someone who wants a luxury sport car ,maybe ....if they do not know any better.
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What will be even more interesting is seeing what the next generation lexus LS and LC will be like, we could be seeing some real S-class rivals next time around.
the mainproblem i see with "keeping uo with mb,bmw ,etc.." is the total reliance on computers and making the car less fun to drive. ii selected the rc over the 911,e jaguar ,vette ,and viper because it was the only one to have a spare tire and it is reliable meaning it will not leave me starnded on the road or if i pick up a nail i can use the donut..(rad my post above ).

for my other car i looked at the new S class and hated it . run flat tire, small trunk, sleep mode for driver when driving it . ( a friend of mine traded his S600 on the new one and after 3 months he now wants out of it . i warned him ). i also looked at the bmw ,only to look , i will not buy bmw again , and again same s...
looked at the jag xj....better car than the other 2 but reliability crops its face up.........i have owned 3 of them .
then my favorite ,the A8....but again, reliability and a high price that does not translate to driving int he usa given our laws .
and finally i test drove the lexus LS sport version and found it to be a land barge and heavy ,wasteful, ended up out of it .
and finally just for the **** of it a test rode the nissan maxima ,the jag dealer is also a nissan dealer , and ended up buying the sport version and find it ,for me,and driving in the usa , what i wanted and got it .

i alos look forward to the new LS that i was told is coming out in 2016 and is a total new design ...hope for the best .
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as an addition to my post above on the rc ...i finally nailed it ,i think.........

i have been driving it for the last few days in connecticut's backroads .....this is what i found

at 9/10 ths and up ( i did not hit 10/10) this car is too heavy for aggressive driving ..the audi and bmw and vette,etc best it by much.

but if you drive it within the law and at no more than 7 /10 ths , it is great ,and comfortable for short distances .really nice ,and this is th eway most of us drive it anyway.

to fix the seat issue i went to a auto upholsterer but he did not want to mess with my proposed design so i ended up adding a Gelco Ultra seat sold by hamamcher and schlemmar ??and things have improved here ,more comfort for long trips and also much better height ,about 1/2 to 1 inch ...and also great on the spine .

next week going to a wedding in and around bar harbor maine ,about 650 miles from my place in conn. and then will add another 850 miles coming back via ny state,vt and nh .for fun. we will see
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Heavy is what I hear a lot of and its something Lexus needs to address with future model years, if they do, they might just get more than more enthusiasts in RC's
SOunds like a great trip. I have heard the RC is a heavy vehicle. I'm sure LExus could address this by using some diferent materials in the future. COuld up the price though.
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