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Okay, so I'm getting closer to actually owning one of these bad boys, but geez....the inconsistent information from the dealers is just amazing.

Can someone confirm what I've been able to piece together so far?

If we want the Luxury Package that have Memory Seats (memory seats that also push back to make it easier to get in/out, etc.), Power Telescopic Wheel, Automatic Rain Sensors, and real Leather, we can NOT get the Sport Package?

We don't care about the Aluminum Foot Petals (no matter how you slice it, it's only 307 HD, so those extras are more for decoration....if you really want the true speed, I'm thinking you go for the 467 HD), prefer Leather (although the other is not a deal breaker), not crazy about the alternate suspension that you get with the Sport package, and I'm learning to live without that awesome grill on the Sport model....sniffle, sniffle. Just not willing to give up those luxury options for a grill (that's what it boils down for me).

Can't seem to find Infrared without black interior, but if I can at least confirm what I believe to be true at this point, that would be a huge step in my search.

Thank you.
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