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Interview with RC F Chief Engineer Yukihiko Yaguchi

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Here we have a video of an interview with Yukihiko Yaguchi, RC F Chief Engineer, describing the development of the car. Mr. Yaguchi only speaks Japanese so there is a pretty boring narrator who does a voice over.

Yaguchi talks about how the RC F was built not just for speed, but for driving enjoyment. The Nurburgring was used for tests not to achieve the best lap time, but to make sure that the RC F was fun to drive in even the harshest of conditions.

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Seen this video, love it. A lot of their cars are being built like this, even the NX SUV is.
they didnt go for the fastest laptime because they cant :p
they didnt go for the fastest laptime because they cant :p
What evidence and facts do you have behind that? Just windering. Will it have the same fate on track as the IS-F?
Yea, what do you mean by "because they can't?" You think that the RC-F couldn't challenge for a super fast lap time if Lexus really put their energy into it?

Regardless, I think that I would rather have a car with a nice driving experience instead of a car that just goes the fastest.
Its an interesting comment from both sides. I'm not if because they can't was really meant as detrimental as some might take it. The M4 is already KING of that niche offer, for lexus to play me too to the M4 is a disaster waiting to happen. But where the M4 loses out is in the total comfort of the experience. They are harsh, suspension wise.

I see RC-F more of a Grand Tourer than an out and out sports car... (thats a good thing)
Seems like Lexus isn't trying to go after laptimes

they never seem to be

the LF-A kind of did. But got beat out pretty quickly

They just dont see profit in doing so

They market their cars as "fun to drive"
I think they want to make their vehicles more aimed at being more focused on the driver rather than setting world records which isn't a bad idea, i like it. But at the same time I do want something stupid fast.
well consider that up until a few years ago this is what BMW was doing. Full bore driver experience. The original M3 was quick sure, but not the quickest. Its only now they've morphed into this unmitigated disaster of a company..
Hopefully it doesn't become a huge disaster, i can see some of their new models being a flop. Not sure how the X4 will do, the X6 failed, not sure what they see in the X4.
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