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Having owned a first generation Lexus LS and SC, getting a good feel for them and now getting a taste for what Lexus of today is like, this is even more clear to me:

MT: We’re trying to provide them the best of both worlds. We want a car that’s 99.9 percent as good as any other car on the track, but is way better than everybody else on the street. Historically, we were about the best-quality product, bar none. Nobody could touch our quality, nobody could touch our quiet and our ride comfort, nobody could touch our customer experience or our craftsmanship. Those things we own, and we have to keep them. Now we want to add all of these emotional elements: styling, driving dynamics, and high performance, with F products. We’re trying to add those—not change the brand—but add those to the brand.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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