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Imagining a Lexus RC Convertible

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What do you guys think about this rendering?

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Not sure if I would like a convertible for the RC but maybe it would be just something to fill up the spaces for the models.
It'll happen. They need an IS-C replacement.
It'll happen. They need an IS-C replacement.
I guess so but really who is lookign for such a convertible?
Won't the weight of the convertible top make the performance of the RC worse? It just seems unnecessary to me. And you lose all the trunk space. I've always maintained that convertibles look best as two-seaters. Like a Miata or a BMW Z4.

I think that chances are this will be built though. Lexus seems to be happy to make plenty of variants for the RC.
People who buy a convertible won't likely care for the lack in performance. True car guys will get the hardtop
Its a sacrifice

Convertibles also have higher road and wind noise in general. They also have more parts to fail, cost more to maintain.

Its a trade off for some extra wind in your hair to to be able to roll around with the top down in the summer.

I like the windows down method better.
That is true.
I haven't heard of much issues with the convertibles lexus has had in the past. I wouldn't worry too much with this one but it is something to look out for.
I want an RC 350 convertible. I presently have a 2011 IS 350c, and I am ready for a replacement. I am also considering a F Type Jag, but would prefer a hardtop convertible. I would also consider the new Ferri California but only in my best dreams.
new F Type jag is a sweeeet car.

Especially the V8.
Yeah it is, i wonder how many will cross shop between it and the RC
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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