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How To: DIY for installing Beat-Sonic NAV/DVD Bypass Module

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Hi Everyone,

I completed the install of the Beat-Sonic NDS6223EP NAV/DVD Bypass module and shot a DIY video, which is also posted.

The Install and Programming instructions are very good, and this video will help you get through the installation. The entire install should take about 1 hour.

The instructions say to disconnect the battery. I didn't do that as I didn't want to put in all my settings again. You will need to put the shifter into Neutral to get the center console out, but you can only do that if you start the car, hence why I did not disconnect the battery.

If you don't feel comfortable leaving the battery connected then disconnect it, but be warned that you will need to reconnect it to get the car into Neutral, and then disconnect it once again.

Once the car is in Neutral the car alarms will be going off, even if you somewhat shut off the car. It's best to undo all the center console tabs first, start the car, shift into Neutral and remove the center console, and then put the shifter into Park and shut off the car. This is all shown in the video I made.

Since I was doing the video and doing the install at the same time it might be a bit less than a professional production so be patient.

Tools needed: 10 mm socket and driver for the radio bolts, 8 mm socket and / or Philips screw driver for taking out the 5 smaller screws that hold the two large side panels on, and the center console.

Make sure you can open both doors all the way, have some towels to put under the radio as shown in the video and for the center console on the seat.

Once the radio is out, but still connected everything will be done from the passenger side.

Programming the module: I show you how to do this in the video, but because I had a fan and my garage AC unit running you can't hear the beeps when going through the modes, and timer selections.

I've uploaded the Programming instructions to this thread.

Everything works as advertised. You can enter in an Address, dial the phone, and also play a DVD while the car is in motion. Life just got sweater for me and my RC350.

Good Luck and if you have any questions please feel free to IM me or ask in the thread.

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Here are the programming instructions.


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Thanks for the installation guide! I'd be too scared to do it myself but I'm sure someone will find it useful.
Thanks for the installation guide! I'd be too scared to do it myself but I'm sure someone will find it useful.
Thanks. it is not hard at all, and its one DIY that is very easy to do. All the panels come apart rather easy, and there is no cutting. Everything is plug and play. I do understand not wanting to take apart an over $50K car though.
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