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How the Lexus RC offers superior audio

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Pitch Perfect: How Harman Engineers Sound » News

Great article about the Pierce Clari-Fi system currently available in the Lexus RC and Lexus NX.
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Indeed a great article.

I'll have to hear how it sounds in person. Before I use to swap out my stock speakers and headunit for aftermarket gear but these days i'm liking the professional stock audio systems coming out, plus it helps knowing they got sound engineers to fine tune it all for high quality sound.
Apparently it helps with sound quality for music that you stream. I could see that being pretty desirable. I agree with @O.L.T. that I want to hear it in person. Sometimes its hard to recognize sound quality unless you have something less good to compare it to as well.
Has anyone replaced any ML speakers with aftermarket speakers? The only audio modification I have are 2 Alpine 8in Type R subs connected to the factory unit through the the use of a AudioControl LC2 unit. Does it sound better than ML or ML is better?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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