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As Japanese Super GT testing wraps up, one thing is abundantly clear. The RC-F GT500 is a menace. How would you feel as Akio Toyoda to learn that your first new entrant into Super GT for sometime took the top 6 spots in testing? Granted these are preliminary tests and its more than possible the GTR's and NSX's are dogging it, but so what ;)

#1 Team ZENT CERUMO (Drivers Yuji Tachikawa & Hirate)
#6 Team LEMANS ENEOS (Drivers Kazuya Oshima & Yuji Kunimoto)
#19 Team WEDSPORTS BANDOH (Drivers to be announced)
#36 Team PETRONAS TOM’S (Drivers Kazuki Nakajima & James Rossiter)
#37 Team KeePer TOM’S (Drivers Daisuke Ito & Andrea Caldarelli)
#39 Team SARD (Drivers Hiroaki Ishiura & Oliver Jarvis)

1 ENEOS SUSTINA RC F: 1'30 "232
2 PETRONAS TOM'S RC F: 1'30 "461
3 KeePer TOM'S RC F: 1'30 "543
4 WedsSport ADVAN RC F: 1'30 "606
5 DENSO KOBELCO RC F: 1'30 "678
6 ZENT CERUMO RC F: 1'30 "723

In 7th was the Calsonic GTR, which was over a second off the pace

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