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As Japanese Super GT testing wraps up, one thing is abundantly clear. The RC-F GT500 is a menace. How would you feel as Akio Toyoda to learn that your first new entrant into Super GT for sometime took the top 6 spots in testing? Granted these are preliminary tests and its more than possible the GTR's and NSX's are dogging it, but so what ;)

#1 Team ZENT CERUMO (Drivers Yuji Tachikawa & Hirate)
#6 Team LEMANS ENEOS (Drivers Kazuya Oshima & Yuji Kunimoto)
#19 Team WEDSPORTS BANDOH (Drivers to be announced)
#36 Team PETRONAS TOM’S (Drivers Kazuki Nakajima & James Rossiter)
#37 Team KeePer TOM’S (Drivers Daisuke Ito & Andrea Caldarelli)
#39 Team SARD (Drivers Hiroaki Ishiura & Oliver Jarvis)

1 ENEOS SUSTINA RC F: 1'30 "232
2 PETRONAS TOM'S RC F: 1'30 "461
3 KeePer TOM'S RC F: 1'30 "543
4 WedsSport ADVAN RC F: 1'30 "606
5 DENSO KOBELCO RC F: 1'30 "678
6 ZENT CERUMO RC F: 1'30 "723

In 7th was the Calsonic GTR, which was over a second off the pace


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That red RC Super GT car looks killer, hopefully this inspires some companies to come out with killer widebody kits for the RC, but of course it wont be Super GT Crazy
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