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Happy New RC350 Driver!

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Hi Everyone!

Arash is the name, friends call me Hub. I'm in Anaheim, Ca. Just leased my RC350 yesterday and absolutely love it! Previously, I was driving a 2013 Genesis Coupe, so it's a very nice upgrade. Looking forward to learning more about the RC and seeing what you guys have done to yours!
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It was a fun car but no I didn't. Their lease contract is pretty strict on mods and I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg getting it back to stock at the end.

Dealership mentioned I could mod the RC but I haven't had a chance to review my lease agreement.
Hey Tony,

Just a couple of day and night ones. Took the day one just as they were going to take it to the back to detail before driving off the lot.


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Thanks Lex! I know not of this snow you speak of. I've only seen it snow maybe twice in my lifetime. hahaha
Lease on the Gen Coupe ends in January. I'll be turning it in then.
Not sure what mods I'll be doing on the RC just yet. Gonna drive it around for a while stock and enjoy the ride for a bit before putting in the work.
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Ya I saw the pics a while ago. Looked pretty **** nice.
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