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Pricing & Details

All the pricing and details you could ever want on the Lexus RC is finally here allowing you to dream up your ideal RC, whether that be a base-model RC350 or the $62,400 RC-F powerhouse, see all of it Here.

As the countdown to launch commences Lexus is adhering to their own Maxim, Nothing in Moderation. In one sweeping swoop Lexus has released all the information you could want about the RC coupes.

RC350: $42,790
RC350 AWD: $45,025

RC350 F-Sport: $46,775
RC350 F-Sport AWD: $48,775

RC-F: $62,400 now has an explore and customize feature you can play Exterior, Interior and Wheels


Full Lexus RC Configurator is LIVE!

Now you can build your Lexus RC in full, allowing you to select through all available colors, packages and accessories to see what the Total MSRP will be in the end.

Build, Post & Discuss your Lexus RC Here.

Lexus launched a page on the RC, letting you explore a lot of information about it along with the ability to customize an RC model you want with the available exterior color and interior trim combinations. Choose the model and combination you want and post about it below, include pictures if you can

Here's mine:

Lexus RC 350 F Sport

  • Exterior: Molten Pearl
  • Interior: Playa Silver Performance Trim


Lexus RC-F Brochure

For those individuals who want serious performance or the curious that want to see what RC-F is really about, what's included, options, and more, have a look at the Official Lexus RC-F Brochure.

2015 Lexus RC-F brochure

Lots of info...such as the fact that Ultrasonic Blue 2.0 is not available with interior selection of Black NuLuxe with Silver Performance Trim.

Anyone else prefer the silver trim?

RC-F colors include Infrared, Ultrasonic Blue 2.0, Molten Pearl, Ultra White, Liquid Platinum, Nebula Gray Pearl, Obsidian

Lexus RC-F Reviews

If you like the RC-F even just a bit, you'll want to watch the following RC-F reviews to see what it's really like on the street and track: Lexus RC-F Review:

F Marks the Spot for Driving Pleasure
by Craig Cole

Here’s an automotive riddle for you: what two-door car is blazingly fast but doesn’t stop? Which one is cool to the touch and scorching hot at the same time?

I’m not describing the new Jaguar F-Type, a Porsche 911 or even Chevy’s Corvette. The car in question is actually a Lexus. The brand-new RC F is a high-performance coupe that’s got serious substance backing its style. It handles well, is blazingly fleet and because it’s a Toyota at heart it’ll never quit.
RC F You

Yep, believe it, this is a Lexus with attitude. This well-mannered luxury brand that’s known for selling legions of RX crossovers and ES350 sedans has built a coupe with the design, dynamics and on-track performance to compete with some pretty thorny rivals.

One glance at the spec sheet reveals the RC F’s got the right ingredients to go wheel-to-wheel with cars like the Audi RS5, BMW M4 and Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG.

In recent years the company has been on a mission to inject more passion into its product portfolio; they’ve been busier than an librarian with obsessive compulsive disorder and a jumbled-up card catalog. More aggressively styled vehicles, enthusiast-focused F-Sport models and the world-beating LFA supercar have proven that Lexus actually has soul, not just sensibility and the New RC F is the next step on this continuing journey.

TFL Reviews the 2015 Lexus RC-F:

The guys at TFL do some of my favorite online auto reviews. Now they have gotten around to doing a review of the 2015 Lexus RC F. They say that the 'F' stands for "Fast, Fervent, and Fun."

TFL gives the RC F high marks in both performance and luxury. It is mentioned that the extra luxury does add some weight to the RC F, which can be felt in quick corners.

The video review is a healthy 14 minutes which is just enough time to give us all the facts without boring us.

Lexus RC-F vs BMW M4

The show down everyone wanted to see is finally here a real world battle between the Lexus RC-F and BMW M4! Does the powerhouse coming in from the land of the rising sun have what it takes to dethrone BMW's all-M4 coupe? See what the end result is like in the 2 video's below :)

Motor Trend Magazine: Lexus RC-F vs BMW M4:

This week on Head 2 Head, presented by Tire Rack, Carlos Lago pits two rear-drive luxury coupes - the 2015 BMW M4 and the 2015 Lexus RC-F - against each other in a battle for tire-smoking glory. Also, we find out which one is faster and more fun to drive by visiting the instrumented test track, the winding road course at Hyundai’s Proving Ground, and Streets of Willow racetrack with pro driver Randy Pobst. Has Lexus built a sports coupe with performance on par with BMW's M Division? We can't wait to find out.

TFL: 2015 Lexus RC-F vs 2015 BMW M4:

The 2015 Lexus RC F is track worthy sports coupe that is as comfortable on the street as on the racetrack. In this TFLcar racetrack review, Nathan and Roman take the new 2015 Lexus RC F by the scruff of the neck and ring it around the NOLA Sports Complex in New Orleans.


First Lexus RC's out in the Wild!

Already Lexus RC's have started showing up in the wild across Canada, the United States, and likely other markets, some from real owners and others from Lexus HQ's.

Did you take delivery of your Lexus RC recently? Post about it here!

After a year of waiting my RC350 F sport is finally here! She arrived on Monday 11-03 and I got to take her home on Wednesday 11-05. Thanks to Jeff Farley for all of his help getting the FIRST F sport on the road in Colorado!!


Lexus RC Convertible... It's Coming!

The RC officially launched recently as only a coupe with no convertible in sight, fortunately, Lexus dropped a Teaser of what appears to be just this. Destined for the Los Angeles Auto Show currently known as the LF-C2, it's something we're looking forward to seeing come November 21, 2014!

Aside from the teaser above, news of the new model was announced at a recent Lexus USA National Dealer Meeting:
Lexus will add a high-performance convertible to its lineup in the near future with a drop-top version of the new RC F.

News of the new model was announced at the recent Lexus USA National Dealer Meeting in Los Angeles where the brand also celebrated its 25th anniversary a source, who wishes to remain anonymous, has revealed to AutoGuide.

No news of a standard RC Convertible were released, though it seems likely. Currently Lexus continues to offer an IS C model, based off the previous generation IS.

In addition, Lexus confirmed a GS F model is on its way, with styling borrowed from the RC F, as well as the car’s signature tailpipes. That model is expected to make use of the same 5.0-liter V8 engine with close to 500 hp.

Speaking at the meeting, Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda celebrated the 25 successful years Lexus has had and encouraged the dealers for an optimistic and exciting future.

“Although this is an important anniversary for us, in many ways I consider it a kind of rebirth,” he said. “An opportunity to say ‘Ok, now what?’ Or perhaps more importantly, ‘What if?’ What if we really go after the competition? What if we exceed every customer expectation and then some? What if we develop technologies no one has even thought of yet? And what if we make cars that literally take your breath away? To me, Lexus should be a canvas for automotive artistry.”
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