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So, since I import JDM wheels and parts, I figured I would look into the suspension options that they have overseas. I saw that T-Demand had built the black RC with the Aimgain kit so I was curious to see what they had for parts. They have a killer set of coilovers, they are pricey but one of the best brands that is out in Japan right now. Looking at their site, when you click on "RC300h (AVC10)", it brings you to the page for 4GS suspension arms. Control arms, sway bars, drop knuckles, roll center adjusters and toe/caster arms. Could it be that Lexus completely recycled the 4GS suspension for the RC? I would be content with doing roll center adjusters + springs for a good drop finally. Also, according to the RS-R site, looks like we might not be getting Super-Down springs, only Down springs :/. Will confirm if I can.
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