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F stands For...

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Did you know the F of Lexus F and F-Sport fame stands for Fuji raceway. Supposedly the logo is supposed to pay homage to the track layout. I'm not sure, you see it?

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I think that the F looking like the track is a bit of a stretch. Glad to know about it being named after the Fuji racetrack though. Its always nice to get those little pieces of info.

I just don't see the F in the track design though.
Resemble the track... kind of but not really though.
no not the track, the one corner shown in the second picture. Theres a reverse F...
Oh, I kinda get it now, but I still think that it isn't really that similar. It seems like they chose the name and created the deign and then were like, "Oh, we can say that it is based on this part of the track here."
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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