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Explaining Lexus Paint Palette...

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I find it cool how designers find their inspiration for what they decide to include in their finished product. Great video.
That was pretty interesting. Thanks for posting this up. Something like color seems so simple, but when you hear a color designer talk about all the thought and work that goes into creating colors for a Lexus vehicle it gives you a new appreciation of the colors that you see on all Lexus vehicles. I especially liked her comments about how the color and the material are never perceived separately so you need to find a marriage between the two.
Wicked video, nice to see some behind the scene's of how designers do what they do
I didn't even think that "color designer" was a job. I am guessing that she works for more than just Lexus. She must be at an agency. I just can't see there being enough work for Lexus to hire a color designer all to themselves.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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