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Lexus came out with a really interesting concept recently. Working together with Tricky Jigsaw, M&C Saatchi Australia's creative tech division, the concept showcases electroluminescent paint which reacts to the driver's pulse.

The paint was created by Ohio-based Lumilor, it is electronically connected to sensors that monitor the driver's heartbeat. As the driver's heartbeat accelerates when they go around a sharp corner, for example, the paint reacts in turn.

Ben Cooper, Group Innovation Director of Tricky Jigsaw, has said that the goal of the project was to develop "a car that's connected to the driver and displays their heartbeat in real time. Bringing the thrill of driving the Lexus RC F to life." He also said that the project took about six months to build, and it's not just a project for the sake of it -- it has some real world applications.

Some of those possible applications are recognizing when a driver may be experiencing road rage, or when a driver is feeling drowsy behind the wheel. I am guessing that those applications are more to do with just the sensors and not the connection between the sensors and the glowing paint. Otherwise, I am just imagining cars that turn red when someone is angry, or a dark grey when someone is feeling tired. All the sudden cars could be like mood rings.

Check out the concept in action in the video below.


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In what context did you see this paint? I just can't imagine it being somewhere other than a spectacle, show-piece type thing.

Mainly on motorcycles. With a flip of a switch it can light up different graphics that were painted on, and such. I also agree it would be more of a show-piece thing, but it could be a pretty cool effect if done correctly to accent a part of a car, etc..

LumiLor Applications

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