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Cheat Sheet has posted their own review of the Lexus RC-F. Writing a blurb on each category (powertrain, exterior, etc.) and listing off what they find to be pros and cons for each. Great read.

What Pros and Cons do you guys find ?

Full article: Lexus RC-F Review: The Louder, Bolder Luxury Grand Tourer

Powertrain pros and cons

+ Titanium valvetrain and torque vectoring rear diff means that all 467 ponies are bridled and usable.

+ Drivability is pretty straight forward, and with paddle shifters engaged, rewarding enough for the average orthodontist.

+ In Eco and Normal driving modes, this is a very quiet, controlled powertrain, and it even has a snow button for decreased cold-weather wheel slip.

– Without a duo of turbos or a supercharger, torque numbers are down below the 400 mark — and well below the competition.

– Not having a manual gearbox option loses enthusiast points when compared to Corvette, BMW, and Mustang alternatives.

– While the blue intake runners are a nice touch, the faux carbon engine shroud cheapens the look of the engine bay.
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