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Bye SC430. Hello RC350 Solar Flare!

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Back in 2015 I had a pic of an RC350 on my desk top. Always thought it is one of the best looking cars out there. I enjoyed my SC430 but rarely put the top down and there was always a slight wheel shake at speed. It had low miles and the V8 is awesome especially the sound with the CAI. It was getting dated so I planted the seed and told my wife we have not had the top down in a year and I was thinking of getting something new. She also has always been a fan of the RC. So she sends me a pic of this RC for sale about 3 hours away in the Solar Flare color with 26K miles and the next morning I am washing the SC in 25 degree weather so it presents nicely hoping for decent trade price. About 24 hours after the original pic was sent I am driving home to Long Island in my new to me 2015 RC350. There were 2 owners on was a lease in which I assume they were by themselves most of the time because it looks as though it has never been sat in. The second owner only had it for about a year and threw a Cat back Tanabe exhaust on but also kept the original exhaust. So I put the original back on and am selling the Tanabe on Craigslist. I prefer a Lexus to sound like a Lexus although the Tanabe does sound much racier. So after a week with the RC 350 FSport I am loving every minute. I put about 2500 miles on the SC last year and already put almost a 1000 on the RC so far. I did feel a little guilty trading it in because it was a really nice car (especially after seeing a video last night of one with 700,000 miles on it mine had 85,000)but I have a small driveway and no room for a third car. No regrets though. This RC is better in every way. Anyway in the past week people have been staring, pointing and commenting where ever I go so that is always fun. I am somewhat used to it because I have a similar color Tacoma that I travel with in the south during the winter. Sorry for the long first real post just wanted to say Hi!


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a few of the SC.
Wheel Automotive parking light Tire Car Vehicle

Wheel Car Tire Automotive parking light Vehicle

Unfortunately I may have to take the tint off the RC to get it inspected in the police state on NY.
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Wow congratulations! I also traded my 2007 SC430 for an RC 350 AWD just yesterday. I put the top down on the SC everytime the temp was above 60 and it wasn't raining and I will miss the top down.
I live in Mass so AWD will be much better for me in the winter and the styling of the RC is fantastic.
I figure I will pick up a small convertible like a miata or preferably, an old Alfa Spyder in the spring.
I do love a convertible!
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