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my brakes on a certified car what do you think ? are they like new? do they have lots of pad on them?
i got new ones on the way for 24 bucks, lexus wont fix it had brake issues with lights coming on service brakes and brakes in big red square and they would not even pull the wheel to look at them. we do not see any codes they soon as i pulled away big read light brakes, i think its in the anti lock computer aany one get brake service soon how long do they last? stock brakes? 30k 40k miles?they have two more times to fix it then lemon law, would not even look at it till i complained to corp. after all there just brakes. what is wiith the seats why do they wedge into the headliner i can crush anything behind me with the seats they smash into the back seat too. deform the front when they do. why do they measure pads from the back plate no one drives till the brake pads are grinding on the back plate? is 6mm from plate ok?
does the photo show brake pads with lots left on them? lexus standard?
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