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BMW M4 vs Lexus RC F vs C63 AMG

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Which one is right for you?

BMW M4 VS. Lexus RC F VS. Mercedes Benz C63 AMG: See Which Is Right For You [PERSONALITY QUIZ]

scroll down to take the quiz to see which car matches your personality


Your result: BMW M4
You drive with finesse and appreciate a car with precision to match. You are probably a member of a motor club with track privileges. You're not too crazy about the new moniker but you'll defend the practicality of the carbon fiber roof until the end of time. You read the owner's manual for fun.

Well goodbye guys.

Time to head to M4post.
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ahaha i got the same answer. I wonder if perhaps the poll is biased and the standard response will always be M4. Perhaps a subtle nod to the fact that RC-F is not good enough and C63 is simply a big engine in a shoebox?
Well then, I got the BMW M4... LOL
Can't say i'm surprised. I like just about any car that's built right.

But i will also have to watch the reviews and comparisons and also test them out for myself.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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