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Another RC F vs M4 comparo

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This one is from the Sydney Morning Herald. And the winner is.... RC F!

Head-to-head: BMW M4 v Lexus RC F
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i think we'll start to see more in favour of RC-F now that the presstitutes are getting it through their thick skulls that the Lexus aims at being a GT car not a track weapon. Freds...
Great explination of the brands torque-vectoring system:

Lexus: The RC F also gets its own performance technology showpiece, a torque-vectoring system that Lexus claims distributes the ideal amount of torque to the rear wheels under acceleration. It works because the RC F manages to strike an impressive balance between a comfortable car to commute in but also a sharp performance weapon when you call on it. It single-rate suspension is more compliant than the M4 so it feels more usable across a broader range of roads.
the great balance of comfort and performance will win over a good amount folks.
Great comparison. I'd say both of these sport coupes are very similar. I do love everything about the RC-F but i'm not about to be bias and put down the M4. Still a quality German built car and it does seem to have the edge over the RC-F with engine performance.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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