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Check out the really cool instrument panel for the Lexus RC F.

On the far right there is the speedometer. It uses a classic analogue simple dial. There is a chromed ring with a central rotating needle and printed numbers on the side of the ring. It's simple to read, and it's moved to the side because when your racing, you don't really need to look at the speedometer all the time.

The center dial shows the revs and current gear. It has a physical metal ring to contain the info coming through a high-resolution LCD display. You can customize exactly what you see there as the photo below shows. It usually changes based on the driving mode you are in. It also shows you when to upshift.

The far let of the instrument cluster is all digital. This high-res display shows you lots of secondary parameters like fluid temperatures, fuel level, fuel consumption, a real-time torque distribution diagram and even lap times.

Here's a video of the Lexus RC F's instrument panel in action.

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