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All Season Radial Tires

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Purchased the RC350 F Sport RWD, plans were to be living in South Carolina near the coast AWD not needed. However the next couple of years I will now be living in northern West Virginia (Cold & Snow).
Does anyone have any experience with the RC350 RWD in snow, will snow treads / all season radials be effective in snow the with the two different size tires on
the car. Thanks
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I usually have a separate set for the winter time so I'm not sure how well an all season set will fare. Is there going to be a lot of snow in northern West Virginia?
You'll want to get a set of winter tires. While you can get by with all season tires, you safety will be increased by getting winter tires. Braking is most important and all seasons don't do it as well in those conditions.
Thank you, years ago with RWD I always used an extra set of winter tread tires, but with front wheel drive or 4 wheel drive vehicles have always used All Season Radials which have been okay for the area I am in.
We have fairly heavy snow and ice from mid Dec thru late Mar.

Thanks again
Thank you, The tire dealer also recommended using a set of winter tread and then change out in the spring.

Thanks again
I live in NE Ohio and it's been my experience that RWD vehicles in the Winter are simply not safe. It can be done but be careful my friend. Maybe trade for AWD before it depreciates too much???
Most of the traction in winter comes from the tires.

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Most of the traction in winter comes from the tires.


And most vehicles come with traction control, that with winter tires, knowing how to drive in winter weather conditions along with good judgement, you'll be safe.
Thanks for the video, plans will be to get a good set of winter tires and be extra careful.
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