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The Lexus RC350 and RC F are about to launch in NA. Let's take a look back at some of the models that led to the newest addition to Lexus' lineup.

1967 Toyota 200GT

The 1967 Toyota GT 200 is a beautiful sport coupe that came with a double-overhead-cam, 6-cylinder engine and 4-wheel disc brakes. Those were all unusual things at the time. Today they sell at auction for up to $1,200,000!

1970-1985 Toyota Celica

The rear-drive Celica was a volume car by Toyota that was around for many years. The Celica was a 4-cylinder car, but Toyota switched to an inline 6-cylinder when the Celica Supra was introduced.

Toyota Corolla AE86

This affordable 4-cylinder car was fun to drive, but things got really exciting when people spent the time to make mods. That took the car from fun to fast.

Toyota Supra

You had to know that the Toyota Supra would be on this list. It started as a modified Celica, but it turned into so much more. By the late 1990s the Toyota Supra was a popular twin-turbo, inline 6-cylinder car with over 300 horsepower. These cars are still held in high esteem today, and Toyota has been teasing fans with a brand new Supra concept recently too.

Toyota FR-S

The FR-S is a fun little rear-drive coupe, but its not the fastest thing you'll find on the road. It's handling is superior, but it suffers from a cramped cockpit. It's the fun sports coupe for people on a budget.

Lexus IS 350C

The new RC shares a platform and engine with the IS 350C. The IS 350C is a rear-drive, V6 car that comes in a convertible variant. It has excellent performance and will be sold alongside the RC 350 in 2015.
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