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911 vs rc

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today i drove the 911 carrera s
after a while ,a long while ,the noise made me dizzy.

and in sport plus mode ....forget it .....maybe am getting too old . if i were under 45 ,this is the car to own ,noise or not .

actually my 1955 porsche spyder 550 is quieter .........and it is simple an engine, flat 4, a transmission and no power anything .

but no question, this, the 911 is the best and finest car on the road today.

there is nothing like it .

but no spare tire and very noisy on a long trip even at the lower eco setting . forget the sport + setting for engine and tranny...and forget the open baffle exhaust ..........

for my jaunts between florida,connecticut and vermont the rc beats the 911....but once here in the northeast i rather have the 911.
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911 hands down.

Really can't beat the refinement and all that comes with a 911. But although the RC has some downsides I think we all can agree that it's great to see a Japanese car maker get involved in the segment it's in.

Next up will be Infiniti :D
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