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3M Pro series wrap protection..lets discuss

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I am just a few months a way from getting my new Baby..a 2018 RC F in Mica Blue 2.0. I have been researching protection wraps and sprays for some time so I can protect the incredible paint job! There are a few good films out there but I think the 3M Pro series looks like a winner. I had decided I was going to cover the front bumper, entire hood and the front fenders (and rear views mirrors too). However I've been wondering if maybe just covering the whole car might be better. What do you guys think? Do the films reflect differently? I know they help protect and all but will the car's 'look' suffer from a full wrap? Any other films or sprays any of you have used that have worked great and lasted? Should I spray cover the wrap too? I know I might be going overboard to keep the paint job like new, but why not do that? I couldn't think of a better forum to ask these questions... your advice?
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I have the 3M Pro wrap on the front bumper, partial hood and mirrors (dealer installed). I don't think it affects the overall appearance of the incredible "Infrared" paint color and I don't see the film line unless I get up close and look.
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