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Hi everyone,

My car has only 27k miles.
I'm at the dealer and they want me to do the following maintenance scheduled.

Air Conditioning Filter $96.30
Engine Air Filter $82.60
Alignment $149.79
Brake flush $180.78
Air induction cleaning $219.30
Fuel injector cleaning $197.80

Total $926. 67

I know that must are unnecessary, and some I can do it my self (change the aire filter...)

what's absolutely necessary for me to do at 27k miles?

The Air induction cleaning, fuel injector cleaning is that necessary?


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At 27K? I would say no to none of the above list.
Plus those filter prices are BS. An OEM Fsport air filter is only about 65.00 bucks US
Air conditioning filter, I guess they mean cabin filter? Not 96.00 bucks, they're normally
about a third of that. Gotta watch those dealers, looks like that one thinks you drive a
German car.
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