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Lexus is giving its sporty models an adaptive suspension upgrade for the 2017 model year, specifically the 2017 Lexus GS F sports sedan and 2017 Lexus RC F sports coupe.

Relying on the vehicle’s sensors including G-force, yaw-rate and speed sensors; the automaker’s Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) system will electronically monitor road conditions and driver preferences and adjust the damping force at all four wheels accordingly.

This update will give passengers a more comfortable ride with improved handling stability. Another benefit is body pitch reduction in cases such as hard braking or acceleration.

Those who want to adjust the AVS manually can do so via the Drive Mode Select control and select one of four drive modes; Eco, Normal, Sport S and Sport S+. The first two is self-explanatory with Sport adding greater handling stability. In Sport S+ mode, engine and steering will be adjusted to the sportiest settings possible as handling is the main priority of this drive mode.

With new equipment comes a bump in pricing. Listed on, the RC F will start at $138,240 and the top-spec RC F Carbon will start at $158,837, that’s a $2750 and $9067 increase respectively. Even the RC350 Luxury and Sports Luxury models are seeing an increase of $330, but that’s due to the new performance body damper that used to be found exclusively in F Sport variants.
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