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2016 Lexus RC 350

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Love the orange to this lexus!

It's a very unique and bold color to drive in. Not your average color as a daily ride!

I like the touch panel for the temp control :) just the little things like that is nice and different from other cars.

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It feels to me like a mix of peach and blood-orange. I'm not sure I would pick this color though. As much as I like it, it seems as though it screams, "I want attention!"
Molten Pearl must be seen in person to appreciate it, in direct sunlight.
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Jeez, look at the wheel gap, looks like a good 6 inches in the front. Does the RC's suspension setup come higher in Canada ?
Damnnn... chrome...

I don't know how I feel about this one compared to the orange...

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LOVE the chrome!
I am totally against the chrome ! But that orange does look amazing. Even greater in direct sunlight :)
I thought the chrome covering the whole car looks bad, but God how wrong I was
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