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2015 Lexus RC Pricing

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What can we expect pricing to be on the following Lexus RC models?

  • Lexus RC350
  • Lexus RC350 F-Sport
  • Lexus RC300h
  • Lexus RC-F
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I am expecting pricing to be the same as the IS350 and IS-F
I am expecting pricing to be the same as the IS350 and IS-F
Sounds about right.
But since the RC is a bit up segment, i think pricing will follow. The RC will be higher in price on all levels than the IS.
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I agree with @soarer

The Lexus RC should be around the same price as the IS but a little bit more on all counts.

The IS 250 C starts at $51,105, so I would guess that the RC would start somewhere around $54,000. Does that sound right to you guys?
I don't really think its up segment

TO me it still seems like a IS350 without 2 doors.
I asked a sales manager at a Houston dealership yesterday about pricing. Their guess is ~$55K well optioned. That would be my limit on the car. Told them I would probably pass on it if it went over that. It is too similar to the 2014 IS350 F Sport at $48.5K to justify a significantly higher price. The new BMW M4 coupe, with a 3 liter turbo 6 reported to have 416-450hp, has been estimated to price at just over $60K. The RC F will be the Lexus answer to the M4, but Lexus will consider the M4 and other competitors when pricing the RC350 and RC F. The M4 will be a very attractive, if less reliable, alternative to a $55K RC350, especially if the M4 prices in the $62K area. I'm hoping the RC350 will price closer to $50K (with the upgraded paint process), and the RC F (possible future pre-owed purchase for me) in the $65K area. Competition is good for us consumers ;)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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