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Check out these hi-res pictures of the Lexus RC-F interior.

Front and Rear buckets are on par if not above every other luxury sports car offering. Not sure if the rears fold down fully, 60/40 or at all...

Center stack is tastefully done, a touch conservative perhaps but in a car like the RC-F the center stack is the least of your worries. Look CD's ;)

Center console is also well done. Simple looking with easy to reach buttons. Note the touch screen interface controller peaking its way into the shot.

Like a true performance car should be, Tach front and center. Too bad theres no MT to make it useful ;) Note the digital and analog speed readouts. You can toggle through the menus on the left hand side of the cluster, most impressive is the telemetry functions baked in.

Carbon fiber AND Suede, yea thats right, we BALL SO HARD. Is that door sill back lit??
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