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The guys at MotorTrend finally got around to publishing the show down we all wanted to see.

Cutting to the chase, they come close when track tested, within milliseconds at best, but what good is that for any true enthusiast? See the full article, track test results, specifications comparison and interesting visuals all here: 2015 BMW M4 vs. 2015 Lexus RC F Comparison - Motor Trend All Pages

The final result is dictated by a simple drag race to the start that the BMW wins handily. Over the ensuing 14 corners, the Lexus sometimes gains with higher braking g's; the BMW offsets that with harder spurts of acceleration and higher speeds wherever the course challenges their stability. By the finish, the two are not quite being bumper cars, but are pretty close.

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Yea why not talk about something actually relevant instead of 'higher braking G's'.

I mean seriously 99% of the time RC F (and M4 for that matter) will be spending time on the STREET.

We preferred the Lexus around town, as it’s a more interesting car to sit in thanks to its wealth of technical and visual details. The styling may be a large miss, but we admire the effort. And we were genuinely impressed with the ground the RC F made up on the racetrack. It offers performance similar to the M4’s, but it feels friendlier.

Alas, we picked the M4 when it came down to the car we’d rather take home. Its engine lacks the Lexus’ aural satisfaction, but its powerband over-delivers. Its suspension works excellently on a bumpy racetrack and isn’t exceptionally rough on normal roads. Overall, it offers a higher performance envelope than the Lexus, and while it might take more time to get accustomed to, we found more engagement and satisfaction in the process.
But its funny, as krew pointed out on LexEnthusiast, so the M4's over delivering performance yielded less than a half second on track (and thats with BMW's expensive Carbon Disc option) yet is worse around town and is more expensive, yet its the better buy. I call BULL...
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