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RC350 F Sport vs 435i

CarAdvice out of Australia put together an evenly weighted comparison of the two coupes.

rom the moment the Lexus RC350 F Sport threaded through a first sharp corner it clicked that this is not only a proper BMW 435i rival, but is one that could dethrone the benchmark in the premium coupe class.

Lexus nails quality and refinement almost consistently enough that its engineers even seem bored with just ticking off those virtues. Early impressions indicate the Lexus RC350 F Sport brings a fresh set of cards to the table while maintaining the expectations of its brand Ė donít skip to the bottom of this test and instead witness one of the closest contests this year.
Lexus RC350 F Sport v BMW 435i coupe : Comparison review | CarAdvice
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This is actually a really good and lengthy comparison, much more indepth than others i have seen from other publications.
thanks for posting this.
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The comments on the article were even more interesting than the article itself lol
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Look at that! The RC350 F actually beat the 4 Series in this comparison. I'm glad to see that because I've felt that many comparisons have been a little harsh to the RC. It actually only beats the 4-Series on features and price. I'm okay with that though. Basically it means that the Lexus is just as good with better features and pricing. If you want a BMW you can pay a lot more money for it, that's totally your decision.

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Yes I was thinking about the BMW 435i and the Mercedes Benz C300 coupes , but after reading the long term maintenance costs of those two european cars I couldn't go pass buying the Lexus for value for money. Sure its not 100% up with the comfort of a Benz or the sportiness of a BMW but it still is a long way ahead of something like Toyota 86 or Nissan 370Z. I intend to keep this car 10 years so don't want huge service and repair costs hitting me every 3-4 years unlike the Euros. If you just lease and trade in every 3 years than yes a Euro may be nicer.
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I did a lot of research before I bought my RC350 F sport in August. I had previously owned a G35 sport package. Similar cars.
According to the reviews, the RC 350 was really slow. They look at numbers on mustangs and camaros. It's idiotic. For the street, grand touring cars are ideal. You don't need 450 horsepower. It is cool but unusable.
I was going to buy a mustang (too many recalls and dealers are jerks). Or a Camaro 1LE (none seemed to exist in reality). I chose a car for build quality and design. I love this car like my old G35, and it is a far better car.
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I owned Beemers, Benz, and several others over the years. I have owned 3 other Lexus cars in the past.
The RC350 F-Sport being my 4th and simply love this car. They can keep their rattle trap pony cars,
I have owned those too. As far as all around, great reliability, quiet, more than enough power to get your license
revoked, I'll keep my RC plus, most days the only one I see on the road is mine. The German guys.......maybe

better here, better there, but we're talking real world. Reliability in the long run, no German car I've owned can make that claim.

No my RC is not a track car, doesn't claim to be, but for my daily driver, almost perfect. I'll keep her for a while.

Yep, over 60 and running an RC350 Fsport as a daily driver. Doesn't hardly get better.
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